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That would be perfect.

Unfortunately, my car doesn't have Lane Change Assistant, even though it has Driving Assistant Professional. I'm not sure whether that is because of the "individual" color Dravit Grey or because of Dutch regulations.

My car also doesn't have Traffic Jam Assist and I'm not sure why that is either.
it seems some functionalities of DAPP we read about here in the forum are not active in Europe. I understand traffic jam assist is not available (or Assisted Driving Plus in the manual), from what you say also not Lane Change Assist. Wondering what else we are missing out…

I checked the manual, and there are a few features i am not sure are available here. If european owners could chip in on whether their i4 have the below it would be appreciated.
  • Automatic speed limit adoption as ACC speed: can you have Active Cruise Control automatically adopt the changing speed limit as its target speed (with or without a tolerance)?
  • Adjust speed to the route: slow down on bends, etc.
  • Traffic light detection: slow down on red light and warn on green
  • Lane change with active route guidance: change lane to follow route
  • front cross traffic warning
  • road priority warning: warning if not stoppint at a STOP or other similar situations
  • wrong way warning

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It would be nice if BMW would publish table of which feature works in which country.

Based on my experiences in the Netherlands, with the options on my car, this is what I see:
  1. ACC cannot automatically use the speed limit. That is always a manual action. Tbh, I wouldn't want it any other way because the speed limits that are detected are not always correct, especially if they are conditional (100 km/h during the day, 130 km/h at night).
  2. In adaptive D mode, the car will slow down when there is car in front, when there is a round about in front or when navigation says to make a turn. Not for stoplights thought. Not sure about curves.
  3. It won't do that. The system will tell you when you try to turn it on. I have seen a red stoplight icon flash in my instrument panel, but only when I did not slow down enough myself. I'm not sure if it will force me to brake if I would really ignore it. I should try that on an empty road one day.
  4. No lane change assistant.
  5. Have not seen front cross traffic warning. Haven't tried to trigger it though.
  6. When I near a roundabout or other spots where I have to give right of way, I've seen a traffic triangle icon in the instrument cluster. Not sure what it did though.
  7. Have not tried to trigger a wrong way warning. I'm not sure I'd want to try this ever. ;-)
Thanks for your input.

If you think speed limits may not be correct in Netherlands, imagine in Greece :) But, when driving on highways I wouldn’t mind if I had the option of the car slowing down when there are speed limit changes, I often don’t notice it even when the systems displays the new speed limit flashing on the screen… can you make the car warn you audibly if you go over the speed limit? I think my old Series 1 had this feature in the navigation system…

From all the above, the ones I would like to have are for sure traffic jam assistant and lane change assist, which seems are not available in Europe at all. Cross traffic warning would also be good in Athens streets where it is hard to see coming cars.
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