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I'm watching it right now, but I don't appreciate Thomas' "Woohoo!" in the beginning which was to be expected!

I am writing as I watch it:

  • Closing door sound :(
  • M adaptive suspension probably stiffer. :confused:
  • Lame (?) excuses why it doesn't have Air suspension in the front (doesn't fit, more direct)
  • I hope we get plastic license plates here too.
  • Front opens (unlike the iX)
  • Pedestrian sound @4:40 and 13:30 is OK I guess. (better than iX3?)
  • Ventilated seats are popular. o_O
  • Sports seats probably comfortable.
  • Good headroom for tall guys like me. (y) but cramped (?) :oops: (didn't understand where. Width wise?)
  • Climate controls only on screen. (n)
  • Too many physical buttons for a non-physical-buttons car.
  • Windows 95 but responsive enough.
  • Ventilation to the wireless charger (soon).
  • Too many "Sport" modes. So what the "Sport" button does? o_O
  • Rear seats suck. (n)
  • OK Trunk. Long objects OK. He didn't remove the cover.
  • Slide ? when accelerating? :unsure: Wasn't straight road though.
  • Around 4" 0-100
  • Steering wheel "Out of control" while accelerating. :oops: Thomas said "Bad feelings" about that. Even in slalom.
  • My impression watching him steering, also not very good. Also some "dead area" around the center. Rather "slow" steering.
  • Difficult to have a good sense of the road when the steering wheel is from a video game.
  • Adaptive recuperation OK.
  • Adaptive suspension: Rear=soft Front=stiff
  • The i4 is not an EV but a transition from combustion engine. Meaning LCI would be way better but who will wait another 12-18 months.
  • The "on the motor way" part @20:40 made me from 100% to 110% to skip the moronic sounds. I'm watching the video in a Studio with top speakers and it bother my intestine.
  • Thomas says noise insulation is good, yet a second later you hear too much of the road and the Doppler effect and whining from other cars and the opposite coming cars.
  • You cannot adjust which air vents will work.
  • Consumption is good, although not as it promised.

My 0.02€ while watching the review! :cool:

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Bjorn Nyland.

I'm writing as I watch it:

  • Clear Navigation voice. Auto-zoom seems ok.
  • Stiff suspension "hard" sounds from the "grooves" of the road @3:00+
  • Woohoo! Youpi! Yahoo! Google!
  • Some delay while launching and "gooping" sound. :unsure:
  • Pleasant ding-dong sounds. (Not like Ioniq 5's Jingle Bells song)
  • Fast (Holy macaroni and spaghetti) for the M50 (waiting for e40)
  • Bjorn is funny (off-topic) :D
  • You floor it, you pay it (in consumption) >29kW/100Km
  • Moronic sounds are ...moronic.
  • A knee is enough to fool the steering wheel in auto driving.
  • Seats not comfortable (less than Tesla) but firm and supportive.
  • Sweaty butt = Needs ventilation? but Less than Tesla (or Bjorn sweats a lot)
  • High consumption for Bjorn. (27-28)
  • Auto start-stop might be auto ding-stop, (or Bjorn doesn't know how to use it)
  • Comfort mode might be ...comforty.
  • Quality better than Tesla, but hesitates to say something great.
  • Consumption might be better because of...reasons.
  • Frozen Portimao Blue looks good but might not be so special if many people prefer it.

Just my 0.02€ after laughing..ehmm..watching the preliminary Review of Bjorn.

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That guy is the Director of production for the i4.
We ve seen him in some of the first videos. He speaks English but not in this video, which is unfortunate, but at some point we could find (not yet) the subtitles and translate them.
It might be interesting to know what he says.

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Here's another one
  • Woohoo hoo!
  • Woohoo hoo hoo!
  • Woohoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!
  • <Giggling>

(I've been in Ferrari world. The faster roller coasters in the world at Abu Dhabi, and I've done less hoo-hoo than this guy)

In this video I really notice how curvy the 2 screens are. The way they connect to the front looks somehow weird. I wish it was more "embeded".
Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Window Automotive design

  • Fast car
  • Synthetic steering. Not communicating.
  • One of the best EVs you can buy.
  • Who hoo hoo hoo!

My 0.01€ for this guy. 0.02 is too much.

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  • More like an expedition review the first half but interesting.
  • Tall guys seating back it's probably a no go.
  • Driving: This guy finds it more "connected" to the road than other reviewers.
  • Blissful like an ...S-class! (Say what?} :eek:
  • Understeering a little. Not the most reassuring feeling.
  • Sport Boost mode: OMG (he spare us the whoo hoo)
  • Best driving EV.
P.S. from a YT comment: the headrests in the rear flip up - they are folded down to provide a better view out the rear window

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U.S. Reviewer...
  • ...who actually likes the door closing sound. o_O
  • ...doesn't think that the car kicks when you launch it. (So, no whoo hoo!)
  • He is a Tesla 3 owner and he doesn't think that the car is a Tesla killer. :cautious: (Bias much?)
  • Moronic sounds are annoying!!!
  • Good first effort from BMW. (Oh Bro, you are too kind!)
  • Different door handles than the iX. (still not sure which one is better)
  • Sport vs. Sport Boost = 350 kW/730 Nm vs. 400 kW/795 Nm
  • After the 20% of battery the 205kW charging really drops. (Where is Bjorn?)
  • The rear black bumper is mirror reflective. (You could comp your hair if you are willing to lie down.)
  • Good HUD (but personally I'll skip it)
  • iDrive 8 better than 7.
  • Too many settings, which is a good thing!
  • Automating breaking system might be problematic.
  • @14:10 He got a notification that the steering wheel position ...was blocking the drive attention camera! o_O

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And the Irish guy!
Head Art Automotive lighting Font Circle

  • Big boot.
  • M steering seems significantly thicker from that angle.
  • He didn't tell us how tall he is when was showing the rear.
  • Low quality sound from the reviewer during Driving Impressions. :cautious:
  • Aha-ha-ha instead of woo-hoo. For the sounds too.
  • Short unimportant review.
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