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Fixed the gray grill.

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I finally got around to wrapping the gray part of the grill. I think I turned out great. Took about three hours to do. Removing the grill was pretty easy. Removed the upper bumper plastic rivets and bolts. You can then reach in and start releasing the clips. Once you get the top free the others can be accessed and pop right out. The tricky part was getting the center to pop out with out breaking any clips. I did a bit of research on carbon fiber PPF and didn't want some cheap vinyl. I settled on 3M Vvivid 4D carbon black gloss. It was the closest looking film to match the rest of the carbon on the car. I wanted to use FlexShield carbon black but could only find it in full rolls. Which was rather pricy for doing just the grill.

This was my very first attempt to ever wrap anything. Thoughts?

Car Vehicle Photograph Grille Blue

***********Edit Added daytime photos. The photos make the film look like it has a pinkish hue to it. It doesn't have that look in person.
We also scratched up a piece to test the "self-healing". With a little heat they disappeared.
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I read "carbon fiber film" and was prepared to hate it. I don't. Actually looks good! Well done :) Would be nice to see a daytime pic as well.
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Would also be interesting to see a pic more from the side to compare it to the CF front air intakes.
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That really works well with the CF front air inlets!

I hadn't considered it, but now that I see it done well, I might do the same :)
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