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From Vegas to LA in a single charge

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Jet Blue just finished his first road trip. Went from Vegas to LA in a single charge. 275 miles total. For those wondering, yes it is possible to do 300+ miles on a single charge.

Started with 100%. Car predicted 18% arrival. Arrived with 26%.

We’ll done BMW. I am impressed.
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PlugShare or EA app gives updates on the charge availability. ABRP , question. Does it have good trip route features? I am trying to setup a trip on PlugShare but not very helpful but glad I’m doin the trip before instead on the road.
going to Chicago then Cincinnati, Memphis,Nashville too. Then to Dallas back home via 40.
I use My BMW App to send a single point destination. It doesnt allow waypoints or roundtrip, which is something I don't like about it. Once in the car you can do this on the idrive.

I like to use ABRP for my longer drives with multiple stops to "pre-plan" my route. You can select the BMW e40 so it should know it's basic specifications, but it doesnt have the e35 yet. And you can input all kinds of filters and set points for charge level, SOC, recharging at destination, select EA only, etc.... But once in my car I use the BMW Nav.
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For all those saying, "Oh it's all downhill blah blah" — We made the reverse trip from LA to Vegas, going uphill, on a single charge.

We started the trip at 99%. When we first punched in the navigation, the car told we would have to stop and charge. So it added the EA station in Baker.
View attachment 29021

As we drove some miles later, the car changed its mind and removed the charging station automatically from the trip. It now predicted we would arrive home with 6%.

View attachment 29023

View attachment 29024

Here are the final results of the trip.
View attachment 29019

View attachment 29020

We made it to Vegas with 13% left. The efficiency was less, but still at 4m/kwh. There were some steep inclines which definitely drain the battery, but the i4's efficiency the rest of the way made up for it.

I have to give the credit for this efficiency to DAPP. I don't think Jet would have been as efficient if I was driving it most of the way.
All in all it was an enjoyable drive, and it has given me great amount of confidence in my BMW.
How do you get that blue range circle to display?
How do you get that blue range circle to display?
Use the iDrive controller wheel and scroll left to zoom the map all the way out. Then you will see the car's range circle.
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