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Harman Kardon speaker color

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I was playing a bit with the online configurator and I noticed that if you choose the Harman Kardon system the speakers in the door become aluminium (rather than black), and also the panels near the door handle is also a bit more "greyish". Is this a change for the MY24 models or is this just a bug in the configurator?

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Quick question from your pics. Did you add the door un/lock buttons on the passenger door, or were they installed from factory?
That button is added on US / China , and possibly other countries cars :)

Europe, not so much :) I saw the same and did some digging :)
Dammit! Another mod I have to do now! Hahahahah
I thought the same, but then again, what for ? :)
Well... One more thing to put on the car tbh
yes, and then get rid of the ugly black trim :) its an easy retrofit electical wise it seems, however, you need to run a few wires :)
1 - 3 of 11 Posts