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Hello From Canada.

Will be purchasing a new EV in time for Summer 2022, and right now my first choice is the Rivian R1S, but with a slow ramp-up, I am doubting if Rivian will be able to deliver my vehicle in time for next year.

The more I read and see of reviews of this vehicle I am starting to like it and good a second choice, competing with the Mach-e GT PE. I have an appointment with the local BMW dealer to check out the vehicle at the dealership. No test drives yet.

Couple of standouts for me about this vehicles,
2. 0-100 of less than 4 seconds, but in typical BMW fashion this would be under-reported.
3. BMW Driving Assistance Professional - This is the only ADAS that seems to be in par with Tesla's autopilot with some functionality from FSD (Auto Lane change).
Rivian will have a very basic system at launch, but which will eventually improve overtime, but BMW will have a more established system
4. Harmon Kardon Audio - Rivian has a Meridian system, but is limiting to integrated Spotify and Bluetooth Audio. No USB playback / HD based audio playback at launch.
5. Fully customizable drive options including Regen.
5. Android Auto and Apple Car-play - This has never been a deal breaker for me, but I like to have the option.

Things I still need more information of,
1. Range - Would like to see 300 to 350 KM of day to day range.
2. Charging curve - Would like to see a high flat curve in the 0 - 80% or even 0 - 50%
3. Driving dynamics and interior comfort (Being a BMW I do expect it to be good)

I do plan to put in a reservation with the dealer, if they plan to deliver in time for next year.

if BMW introduced an i4M in time for next year then I am sold !
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