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Currently driving a previous generation BMW 4 Series which I have to replace on behest of my company's car fleet. I was thinking of going electric, but having an affection for old fashioned sedans gave me very limited choice; I have to use one of the dealers my company cooperates with so Tesla Model 3 was not an option.

I tested the Ford Mach E and an Audi Q4 and liked them both. I knew about the i4 but I normally don't order cars which I can't drive myself. I finally settled on the Q4 Sportback (Coupe) Version.

But still I was not really happy about getting an SUV so I called up the BMW dealer and asked for a test drive with the iX3. Driving the iX3 turned out to be a blast and I figured that the i4 would have the same body style as my current car and a similar electric drive train as the iX3. I let the dealer make a configuration the day I returned the iX3 loaner and made the order the day after.

As the iX3 was totally sufficient for me I went with the i4 40 which should have better range and slightly better acceleration. The dealer told me to expect delivery in the second quarter of 2022 which seems to be a long wait. At least I will have some time left before I have to surrender my manual transmission.
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