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Hello fellow fanatics!

I just placed my preorder today. I’ll be (majorly) upgrading from my current 2013 Ford Focus ST. I originally bought the ST a year before the Tesla Model 3 came out after my dearly beloved RX-8 met an untimely end. I bought the ST as a cheap but fun holdover until the Model 3 was available but wound up really enjoying the Focus and have had it for almost 8 years now. It’s been a good, spunky little car but my family is outgrowing it, I’m ready to make the EV leap, and I’ve decided that a Tesla isn’t the car for me.

I’ve been a long time car enthusiast but have bought mostly cheaper cars to DD and sunk $$ into track cars. My racing days are behind me now and I’m looking for something on the luxury end of the fun car spectrum.

Looking forward to learning with/from all of you!
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