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Hello from Halifax NS Canada! i4 M50 - Mineral White

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Hello everyone!

Excited to get my first BMW which will be my first EV as well! Lease was up on a White 2020 Audi RS5, when researching I was heart set on the i4 M50....then was told it was an 18 month to 2 year wait :oops:

Luckily a week later the dealer called and told me there was an i4 M50 that had a cancellation and it was mine if I wanted it. Mineral white metallic, Tacora red Sensatec, pretty nice package (link below) so I signed up!

So now I was put on a ship March 1st and I'm patiently waiting! Happy to contribute to and learn from this community :)

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Do you know which boat? The Don Pasquale just got into Halifax today (Saturday).

Good choice on cars. Was the RS5 coupe or the lift back?
It's an awesome place, moved here from Toronto pre-pandemic and enjoying it immensely

On a side note you a big Leaf’s fan?

Love hockey, it is the best of all 4 major sports.
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