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Hello from Halifax NS Canada! i4 M50 - Mineral White

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Hello everyone!

Excited to get my first BMW which will be my first EV as well! Lease was up on a White 2020 Audi RS5, when researching I was heart set on the i4 M50....then was told it was an 18 month to 2 year wait :oops:

Luckily a week later the dealer called and told me there was an i4 M50 that had a cancellation and it was mine if I wanted it. Mineral white metallic, Tacora red Sensatec, pretty nice package (link below) so I signed up!

So now I was put on a ship March 1st and I'm patiently waiting! Happy to contribute to and learn from this community :)

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Love Halifax. Great city. I will be coming back to visit soon.
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