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Sorry if I’am starting a new issue, but i did not know where to place it..

My first purchase agreement was on 4 august 2021. I changed the configiration in the firs days of november. My final configuration is the i4 40 with the M-sport trim, including 3 packs (executive, safety and Personal co pilot pack), davidgrau metallic, sport seats vernasca mokka. Furhermore there are a few extra options, like a tow bar, heated steering wheel, comfort access, BMW HiFi and tghe drive recorder. We did not choose Harman Kardon because there should be delivery problems. In the beginning of november the expected delivery was the beginning of march ‘22. Then it went up to april and now it will come probably in june, which makes me very upset.
One moment i thougt to break open my purchase agrement to step over to an electric car that can be dilevered more faster. However i will wait a bit longer.

I made an test driver in almost the same car (i4 40 with M sport trim) for a trip of about 100 km at about 8 C. It was comfortable in comfort mode and realy fast in sport mode. We come from the BMW i3. The test car had the adaptive suspension, It was equipped with M-sport seats which sat very comfortable with my posture. However the M-sport seats are only available in combination wirh electric seat ajustment and driver lumbar support, so that will be to expensive for us. The range dropped rather fast with a normal dutch driving style (half highway and half local roads at 80 km). I forgot to register it very good, but as far as I remember it dropped from 525 km to 375 km (95% —> 75%) over about a drive of 100 km at 8 C, no airco, heated seats and heated steering wheel. The temperature was set at 21 C. The climate control regulation was a bit unclear with iDrive 8.
Speech recognition for navigation dit not work at all. It also lasted rather long before it had server connection (is it 5G)?) Probably i did something wrong, Speech recognition for climate changes worked fine, Speech recognition at the passenger site did not work at all. Why?
Overall the quality of the car seeems very good, but the buttons of the some what cheap mat black - greyish panel arond the rotary knob are neither normal buttons, neither inductive buttons. Also psessing the rear window heater knob dous the whole panel withe the other knob go up and down. How liong will that last. Not a quality issue, I find it a pitty that there are no buttons in the trunk to lower the back seats. It’s not unsurmountgable, but looks a but cheap for such an expensive car.
The confort access worked fine (e.g. kicking under the trunk for opening and closing). Opening and closing of the car happend at several meters away from the car (i thought that ultra wide band should only available on the IX?).

Overall I‘am very impressed with the ride of the car. It is quiet, comfortable and fast if needed, but with a small nummerber of quality issues, such as speech recognitions and buttons). It is good car for long trips.
However i’am disappointed about the delivery time and even more about the communication about that. How do they prioritize the deliveries and where are all those cars to produced from the begining of november. Please let them communicate which configuration items are causing delivery issues, so that we can change little things to speed it up (color, …….).
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