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BMW i4 eDrive40 - 08/2022 - Tanzanite Blue - Sensatec Cognac
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Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Hood

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Plant

  • Tansanit blue
  • 17" aero wheels
  • Sensatec Cognac
  • Fine-Wood Oak Grain Open-Pored
  • Glass roof
  • DAP
  • PA+
  • Laserlights
  • HK Sound
  • eSim

After 13 months of waiting and several switches back and forth between 111 and 112. And the dreaded delivery stop.

(This is my husband, btw, so "My Precious" is a bit ambiguous here --- not really!)

BMW i4 eDrive40 - 08/2022 - Tanzanite Blue - Sensatec Cognac
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Thank you all for your these warm and positive reactions! In case you're still waiting, I really cross my fingers that you'll get it soon!

I've been driving around all day, testing everything, figuring out all the features, used the charging options... And I couldn't be any happier.

The engine is amazing, you don't feel the speed, you're over 190km/h (120mph) in now time, even though I actually didn't WANT to drive that fast. But it comes so naturally....

Congrats and a beautiful car. I have to say that I admire folks who waited or are waiting a year or even 10 months to get this car. Patience is not one of my virtues.
It isn't mine either. I was promised to get the car in 6 months. And then it was postponed month for month... And then, when it was actually produced and delivered, my dealer is telling me that he can't give me the car because of a software problem.... :censored:

Nice! Wish BMW USA would bring some of the other wheel options to us yanks. I'm not a fan the the blacked out wheels (sorry gun metal), which feels like a current fad everyone seems to be doing. those 17s and the 853 18s wou;d have been nice to be able to select to max out range.
Yes, I'm happy with that choice. 18" and 19" wheels admittedly look better, but they also scratch more easily and are, as you said yourself, way less efficient.
I'm not a fan of all black wheels myself.

Every time I see pictures of a blue i4 under bright sunlight, I think to myself, "Man, I really should have gotten the Portimao, that looks really nice!"

Then I find out that it actually IS Tanzanite and think, "Man, I really made the right choice!"
Exactly! I like Portimao, too, but Tanzanite is just so much more ... precious :)

How is the sensatec upholstery?
It doesn't feel like leather, with all the advantages and disadvantages that means. So you sit more comfortable, without any sweating. But you miss the leather smell (which I happen to like) and that unique look.

So I'm torn myself. But for me, leather is too expensive and has too many disadvantages in the end. So for me, Sensatec is a working compromise. Alcantara would have worked, too, I guess.
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