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i4 M50 - Range with the 20" 862 wheels ?

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Hi everyone!

I read most reviews from this forum and watch most reviews from YT, however I don't think I found a single review talking about the range with the 20" 862 wheels.
Am I correct?
Any of you might have a link of such a review or maybe a real life test drive?

BMW says 488km WLTP (which is 50km more than the 20" 868 M sport and only 25km less than the 18").
In theory, the 862 are a nice comprise between looks and range. This is the reason I chose these. However, I don't see them very often in reviews.

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You can fit 285 tires in the rear without fender flares, and they will not poke unless the offset of the 10” wheel is aggressive (40 and below). See above.
normal 4 series yes (no air dampers in the rear -> enough space). But the i4 with air dampers...
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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