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This obviously applies to the i4 as well. According to Domagoj Dukec, head of BMW design since July 2019, the M3 and M4 Grille is about making a statement more than whether or not it looks pretty or ugly.

“People love BMW because it’s a high-performance, perfectly engineered product, (and) design is one part of it,” Dukec said. “In design, it’s not about the product being pretty or ugly. It’s about really making a statement and being unmistakably just one product.”

He also mentioned that this grille is specific to the M3 and M4. Although BMW grilles are getting bigger across the board.

“We believe that (M3 and M4) deserve such an extreme look because it’s also our core of M and where everything started,” Dukec said. “This is not the kidney for BMW. It’s just for one single product. Other BMWs, even now in the portfolio, in the future, will have a different interpretation.

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