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Navigation from Calendar Appointment?

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Is it possible to have the BMW app automatically read the calendar appointments from your iPhone so that if an appointment contains location information, the navigation is ready to go the minute you hop in the car?
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Where can I see my calendar in the car? I’ve been looking for it but cannot seem to find it, want to see it and press appointments to navigate to them as well as get automatic navigation suggestions when just getting in the car.
You can see the next calendar destinations in the car in the same area like the destinations sent to the car.
I noticed that today as well. I have a Google Meets meeting in my Calendar, and the location is the URL. Somehow BMW Nav interpreted the address as Utah! That's a 1,000 drive for a virtual meeting!! Thanks but no thanks BMW! :ROFLMAO:
It had me going to Munich once. :rolleyes:
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts