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Hi, I am Hans and I'm an addict.

Addicted to cars, since I was a child. They say the first car is the most fun, and that is close to the truth. But I really got addicted to the light, nimble, elegant and simple, engine front and rear wheel drive, sporty but non-agressive, boulevard proof, drift king if you want, all you need in a sports car, MX-5. I'm in the wrong place right?

For obvious reasons the MX-5 has always been accompanied by more practical vehicles. Some precious ones (my first car, the Fiat Panda, the Alfa 166, the 2002 Merc C-Class), some very special ones (the 335i Coupe, the Merc CLS), some low quality ones (all Fiat's and Alfa's, some Mercs) and even some boring ones (Ford Mondeo, Volvo V60). When I was 18, 19 years old the purchase of a car would be an amazing event, one that would keep me awake for many nights. But although cars have grown so much better over the years the thrills of a new car are long gone. The very capable 3 Touring is in the end just another one in the line of very good cars. No tickles down the spine.

Until now. I consider the i4 a game changer and am looking forward to it like never before. Luckily for the i4 it does not need to replace the MX-5. How could it?
And with that in mind I am proud to present my very final configuration that was confirmed today:

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