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Range and wheels

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So when I bought my i4 I required 300miles. Went for the eDrive40 with 18-inchers. Still have all that. Upgraded the look of the wheels from the "dark" but aerodynamic 854 wheels to 853 bimetals. Now my eyes are happy.

Mileage range is hard to gauge the impact. We're in summer and the AC seems to run and eat more than heat. I've seen 4.4miles per kW on the highway, but otherwise, the mechanics loved their roadtests, screeched and patched or whatever they did and I'm not begrudging any of that (both 3rd party that did the install and BMW that did the alignment) but clearly there's a penalty in the guess-meter's figures as a result that will probably take another month to get back to whatever the new normal is going to settle at. But I'm fine with that. Still getting decent range... in fact most of my drives are between 3.8 and 4.4.

But I love the car inside and NOW outside. And am I'm trying to be less obsessed with mile ranges? A bit. Hard. But I think I can say that it is worth every penny to love the car when you walk up to it as it is to love driving it. And the wheel change did that for me. Those 854's just ....well.... each their own, but to me, "ugh" doesn't quite do it. And post 853's I get a LOT of compliments I didn't hear before. So if it declines in range a smidgen, I'm okay with that. I'll forgive the car. It's worth it. Probably couldn't do that BEFORE taking delivery but can say that now. You guys with the 19's and 20's in your wheels and M50 versions? I get it now. Suppose this is a fairly normal transition.... from range obsessment to enjoyment. Would it be hard to explain to a petrol head or even casual possible EV buyer? I think so.
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