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Renting a Tesla Model Y for Upcoming Roadtrip

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Next weekend, I'm taking my kids on a road trip from SE Michigan to the northern tip of Wisconsin to see family. It's nearly 700 miles in each direction, and generally easier and prettier if I drive through the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan. Although I did this in my i4 last summer, I had a terrible time, as the lone DCFC option I had (in Escanaba) is wholly unreliable and didn't work. Even if I can get to northern Wisconsin, the single DCFC option (upper left in the Plugshare figure below) is, you guessed it, non-functional. I'd be limping between Level 2 options, which are also pretty scattered in this part of the country.

As you can see in the Plugshare figure, virtually all of the DCFC options in the UP show up as either non-functional or 'coming soon'. Sadly, the 'coming soon' locations have had that status for nearly a year and a half.

So, I'm using this as an opportunity to rent a Tesla Model Y from Hertz. Tesla has multiple Supercharger locations in the UP and northern Wisconsin, and I'll be able to travel without any worry of being stranded. Besides, for the cost of the rental (only about $350 for the week), I'm getting a very inexpensive trip AND I get to put over 1,000 miles on a Tesla and report back on my impressions as a BMW owner.

I'm actually looking forward to having a reliable charging network for this trip. Here's hoping that Tesla continues to expand their Magic Dock installations, because this part of the country desperately needs more charging infrastructure, and in the two years I've owned an EV, the CCS network has made absolutely zero progress.

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Emotional feelings aside, Tesla objectively has so many advantages as the most popular EV company. But @BadgerGreg please give us an honest report when you get back from your trip!

I came from Tesla, and my BMW EV is the best car I've ever driven!!
I test drove a Tesla Model Y about 3 years ago (my first EV experience), and it's what hooked me. I'm looking forward to road-tripping with it, if only for the Tesla road trip experience. I'm curious about efficiency and ride comfort (I expect one to be better, and one to be worse, but we'll see).
Yes... in general, the lack of reliable chargers makes me hesitant to go on a road trip.
BMW i4 is a good road trip car, but only when your route coincides with decent DCFC coverage. This is true for most road trips, but clearly not when you're heading into the sticks like me.
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@Elle BMW Yeah right, Elon is workin on that. 11 stations mostly in upstate NY and its been at least 3 months and he hasn't added anymore. Nice ploy by Elon to get some Federal money...................
I'm really disappointed Tesla hasn't rolled out the conversion faster. Most of the Tesla SC stations in the upper Midwest are typically empty. Telsa is giving up a huge amount of potential revenue as those stations sit unutilized.
Problem is they gladly accepted federal money to make their system available and then they stalled out. It’s fraud to the taxpayer IMO
I hope you're wrong. I'll reserve my judgment for when Tesla starts installing their Version 4 units. If those go in without the Magic Dock CCS connectors, I'll want Tesla to give the taxpayers' money back.
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And what about longer cables or wider parking stalls to admit right-side charger ports?
I'm fairly confident the newer (V4) Superchargers will address some of that, including (hopefully) some pull through stalls to avoid the left/right charge port issue. That's what they're doing in Europe and I hope for the same deployment in the U.S.
Road tripping with EVs is in my opinion annoying (Tesla SC) or outright frustrating (CCS) and after 10 years with EVs, the novelty wore off so the psychological desire to try road tripping in an EV is in the category “been there, done that”, ICE is simply better for road tripping.

I’d rent an ICEV. It’s just less hassle.
I considered driving my wife's car (Ford Explorer), which honestly would be a bit easier, although I wanted to experience the Tesla Superchargers, autopilot, and software on a road trip (just once).

Hopefully the EV novelty won't wear off before the DCFC infrastructure is in better shape ;)
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