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Finally saw an i4 in the wild today! A white 40 (I think), definitely no tail pipes. If you're in Southern Oregon and were near the Pinacle Chevron this afternoon... 👋!

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I don't know if some sort of tipping point was reached, or today was just a fluke, but hoo-boy.
On the drive up to Granite Falls for SUNDAY PASSPORT SERVICES (!) I saw four BMW 4-series with the big grille, an iX and dozens more beemers.
One of the 4-series I was able to confirm no tailpipes, so it was actually an i4.
Another of the 4-series appeared to have an i-badge on the grille, but between speeds and the jersey barrier between us, I couldn't confirm the lack of tail pipes.
The other two were spotted with 100mph or more in our relative speeds, so no way I could correctly ID those.

Then, on the way back, I spotted 2 more. I confirmed the lack of tail pipes on one, and couldn't confirm the second.

So in one day, I saw between 2 and 5 i4's, an iX AND another four i3's. This doubled my total, lifetime spottings of i4 and iX in one day.

Oh, and full shadowline on all of them, so no help there.
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41 - 42 of 42 Posts