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We are slowly getting to know each other just a little bit better. And some are starting to call each other friends.
No border or ocean can separate us in our common interest for this car. And yet we hide behind our virtual names and non revealing avatar's.

It seems like we will be spending more time with each other. Sharing all information we can find while waiting for the delivery of our own. Envying the others who beat us to delivery date. Discussing the great WOW of our first driving impressions. Sharing photo's and video's of our unique version of the i4. Finding small issues, discussing them, looking for work arounds together. Range discussions, weight discussions, rear space discussions, color fanatics, acceleration junkies. Discussing new offerings from BMW or other brands. Debating why it's really not an improvement compared to our baby, the i4. All this will probably keep us busy well into 2024.

So friends, drop the mask. Show us your face, show us your current ride. And come back again when you're future ride has arrived, we will see how much nicer your new car is and how much older you have become in the mean while. I expect nothing but middle aged grey haired or bolding males, well educated and environmental conscient. But I may be in for a surpise 馃榿

Here we go.
Hi, I am Hans. And I am still an addict.

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Here is my current car, no wonder I am drawn to the dravit gray,haha. Easily the best car I鈥檝e had 馃榿 could just use a nice new s58 engine and the newest ZF transmission.

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Hans, I do really understand you very well!

I ordered an i4 e40 with pretty much every option added and 18" aero wheels since the aero 19" are not my taste at all and range is important to me. Right now my daily is an Ioniq 5 AWD coming from a Kona Electric (my wife still drives one). I hope that the i4 e40 has more range and is as rear biased as my Miata ... even at double the weight ...

And here is my fun car for the summer weekends ;)
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Hi Everyone,
I am George from the US, which is apparently the last place on earth where i4's will be shipped.

I currently have a 2011 subaru legacy and a 1994 bmw i730. I have owned used bmw's the last 40 years and decided a year ago I wanted a Tesla.

While saving up for that I saw the concept i4 and have wanted one since. When the preorder list opened last June I signed up the first hour. A conference call for work prevented me signing up the first minute.

Sadly, I must still wait until March or June.

I joined this list about two weeks ago and now I see how easy it is to write something.



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