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So how are you going to spend all that time on your hands while your i4's battery is being taken care of?
Here are my suggestions. I am open to yours.

  • drink
  • eat
  • go to the bathroom

Take care of yourself:
  • yoga
  • gymnastics
  • move that body
  • take a walk
  • meditation
  • take a nap

  • take place in the right rear seat, move the front seat all the way forward and open your laptop
  • tell them your driver had to take a pee if anyone asks

Take care of your car:
  • check maintenance status and book appointments with your garage
  • cream the leather seats
  • clean the display panel
  • organise the frunk

Stay in touch:
  • make those calls you have been delaying for too long
  • call home and keep them updated on battery status and expected t.o.a.
  • get acquainted to those other EV drivers around you. Ask them why they bought a Tesla.

Learn something:
  • read a book
  • study your iDrive system
  • start an online training in psychology

Easy entertainment:
  • take lots of pictures of your i4 and share them on
  • Netflix / Amazon Prime (you will have to bring your iPad)
  • sit behind the steering wheel and pretend you're Max Verstappen

Any other ideas? What to do in extreme weather conditions for example?

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Great and. I would say, complete list, Hans.
Surprisingly enough you didn't mention ...Sex !! :giggle:!!

(unless it falls in the move that body entry)
(although Sex might fall also in the following categories:
  • Survival (for the species)
  • Take care of yourself (well,,,hmm..ok)
  • Work :)p) (maybe for some)
  • Take care of your car (quite the contrary I think!)
  • Stay in touch (for example you call your wife for an excuse that you are with your gf)
  • Learn something (the Kama Sutra)
  • Easy entertainment (self-evident!!!) :D

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