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Only 2 months until the first expected i4 deliveries. And a little over a month before we can test drive the i4 at our local dealerships. The question that is no doubt most on our mind is about range.

This is where you can brag about the actual real life range that you and your i4 have been able to realise. Too early? Well, for comparison we will allow non-i4's as well. So a top 3 for each of the following categories:

i4 eDrive40
i4 M50
Other EV's
What we need is proof (so photo's of your dash are required) of:
  • distance covered since last battery charge
  • remaining range
  • remaining battery charge percentage

The sum of "distance covered" and "remaining range" will result in the real life range.
In order to make our measurements as reliable as possible, please empty the battery to 10% or lower before measuring. Let's consider this a requirement when driving your own car. When test driving the i4 or an other EV your results are welcome too, even if it was not possible to drain the battery as low as that.
And don't forget to tell us about the type of vehicle, temperature, weather conditions, road conditions, mix of road types (motorways, city, country lanes), terrain type (flat, hills, mountains) and driving style (from 1 to 5 where 1 is "Super boring but very economical" and 5 is "I couldn't care less").

ICE's are of course excluded from our scoreboard. All values will be in kilometers. Miles will be recalculated, 1 mile is 1,609344 kilometers.

Please see my dash below as an example. Distance since refuelling is 614 km's. The i4 will no doubt be able to show something similar called "Values since charging". For this purpose of course make sure you charge to 100%. My remaining range is 312 km's. Which gives a total real life range of 926 km's. Not so relevant for this example but my remaining "charge" was 38% which makes this a less reliable measurement.

Have fun saving energy (y)

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