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Tint Photos

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If you've had your i4 tinted, would you post photos with info on the tint levels? I'm trying to decide what to get. Here in Colorado, max legal is 35%.
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15% Xpel XR Plus. Let me know if you want any other angles
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Do you have any shots straight from the side and back? 15% is dark, but in the last shot doesn't seem too dark...
Overcast today…definitely not the greatest backdrop to highlight the tinting.

Windshield: 55%
All sides and rear: 25%

I’ll be happy to take more when the sun comes out.

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Hyper reflective! That’s a cool look! Thanks!
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Dumb question maybe, but was there any additional charge to remove the factory tint or do most detail shops just remove as a courtesy since you're buying their tint???
There isn't a factory tint. The design of the windows reduces light transmission some.
I'm getting 35%, legal in Texas. Will post pics on Monday
Thanks! That's what I'm leaning towards.

Met @MK-CO yesterday since we live fairly near one another and got to see his M50 with 30%. I don't want to go too dark, and the Oyster should keep the interior fairly bright... but... angsty about it!
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Btw, I can't wait to see pics of your car!
Thanks! Pickup will be Monday 14 Nov if all goes to plan. Then pick up from PPF/tint on Friday the 18th.
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Has anyone figured out of the ceramic (XPEL XR PLUS or others) tint affects radar detector performance?
I see no issues with front, side, or back detection with my v1gen2.

I have no tint in front but I have tint in the back. I didn't have my radar detector on almost at all in the i4, so I'll have to wait a few months to see how the rear detection works.
So far with the Xpel ceramic tint, I'm not seeing impact for front, sides, back as I pass the various K band stationary radar.
Are you talking about the ones that show your speed as you pass by? If so, I'm sure you know they're different from the ones on the cruisers (typically Ka Band, more complex) and the "Laser" radar gun which uses infrared.

Since infrared is a type of light, and the tint filters light, I'm wondering how much it affects the radar detector. It's not a matter of if, but how much.
Yes. I've had Ka squaks both front and rear and it doesn't seem to me that the tint has impacted them. It's just easier to know with all the K around here.

I also had a laser detection, and it was full on.
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