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Hi all, just ran into a situation that I’ll bet others will run into. My current G30 lease ends next Tuesday, and with my m50 build not happening until early April, I’ll probably need to extend the lease five or six months.

When I went to do so, found out something that was disturbing. Even though they will extend your lease up to six months at the same monthly payment, any additions you bought from the dealership are not extended.

For example, I bought a wheel protection package because I’m horrible with them, and the wheel protection package is only until the original lease end date. It does not extend. That seemed like a problem for two reasons.

First, I need some wheel work done before I turn the lease in, and realize I only have a few days to get it done. Fortunately the dealer was very cool about getting me in quickly to do so.

Second, I didn’t understand why I should pay the same monthly payment when I’m no longer getting the benefit of the fairly expensive wheel package. The dealer researched it, and showed me how it makes sense - has to do with amortizing any down payment on the lease cost over the original term. So technically the extension rate should be higher than the current monthly payment, but apparently BMW decided that pissing off their loyal clients was a dumb idea, and so they just decided to honor the original rate for extensions.
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