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Watch The BMW i5 World Premiere Livestream Here

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Here's the YouTube link to the livestream for the i5.

If that doesn't work you can watch it at

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I like that 5 on the side lol.

It's so cool that the i family is growing - hmmm, That's at least one person saying they're going to upgrade to this car down the road.

I hope we don't go down to zero members of this website one day lol

But I like having the younger brother out of the lineup so far, more sporty of course the OG BMW electric car (though I guess that's the i3).
I am not feeling the new design at all right now. Too bubbly, reminds me of an Accord.
Yeah I think the outgoing 5 is much better looking. Just watching the carwow video and the comments saying how this car makes the outgoing model look gorgeous.
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1 - 2 of 45 Posts