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Watch The BMW i5 World Premiere Livestream Here

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Here's the YouTube link to the livestream for the i5.

If that doesn't work you can watch it at

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It looks absolutely hideous. Another new distastefully made-up BMW with an excessive amount of lipstick, the M60 that is. The eDrive40 is a little better. But all those sharp and edgy lines. The headlights with that upward pointing end weren't particularly pleasant. Makes it look cheap. The laserlights in the i4 look far more sophisticated than this headlight unit. They also borrowed the XM grille.

I'm glad I went with the i4.
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I am not feeling the new design at all right now. Too bubbly, reminds me of an Accord.
I'm afraid they try so hard to be so posh with the new design that they lose timelessness.
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