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Watch The BMW i5 World Premiere Livestream Here

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Here's the YouTube link to the livestream for the i5.

If that doesn't work you can watch it at

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I don't care how it looks from the outside.
But although the rear seat room would increase its versatility for family trips, after a lifetime of sedan driving, I've now become enamored of hatches -- first on VW Arteon, now on A6ar and of course i4. So the add'l cargo capacity is somewhat offset by the reduced cargo versatility of a hatch.
Plus losing range is a drawback, even if only 14 miles on the EPA rating.

Waiting to see the Touring version with a bigger battery and hopefully an xDrive40… one can hope
Now we're talking! Fit in that bigger battery from the i7 into the Touring version and bring it to North America, then I'll place my $1,500 deposit.

Otherwise, might hold out for the A6 etron, especially if some sort of Avant version is coming to North America, although even the regular version is a hatch.
Been over two years since first announced, but no substantive info yet, let along a date.

BTW, if you read the various posts at, that "October 2023" date is confusing since it's both the earliest possible date that allocations will start and the earliest possible date that deliveries will start. Given the i4 M50 backlog, puzzling how i5 M60 can start anyone soon with apparently identical battery and motors (albeit with a slight hp difference).

Meanwhile, the U.K. configurator has now joined the German version is going live:
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200 inches long. This thing is HUGE!
Whoah, good point -- I hadn't noticed that!
That is:
  • 5.1" longer than my A6ar
  • 3.6" longer than e-tron GT
  • 4.2" longer than 4 CT
  • 2.3" longer than Model S
  • 4.1" longer than Air
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