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Will we see more EV identical to ICE counterparts?

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What do you think about manufactures opting in there EV line up for identical cars to their ICE counterparts?

here’s a non exhaustive list of some of the cars I looked up and some comments:

1.Ev identical to ICE counterparts
- Bmw i4 - minor details in grill (closed) and different / wider dashboard screens. Even tailpipes structure is included :)
-Bmw ix3 - minor details in grill (closed). Interior identical.

2. EV’a where brand made effort to differentiate from ICE lineup.
  • Bmw i3 - new EV platform with nothing in common with the 1 series, interior or exterior.
  • Bmw iX - resembles an i3 in suv shape and completely new interior than those of ICE platform. (Actually got most of i4 concept interior :) very different from X5.
-Bmw i8 -a phev, not really an EV, but complements the list with one of the most spectacular Bmw designs of all time in sports production cars - supercar inspired design and completely different from 6 series coupes, later 8 series coupes.
  • Audi Etron - resembles a q8 (actually same platform) but has distinguishable front, rear and interior (although somewhat similar).
  • Audi q4 - new design outside and inside
  • Audi Etron GT - new EV platform that is very different from A7. Interior also similar dash than new A6/A7 but with different elements (eg original shift switch).
  • Porsche Taycan - new EV platform shared with Audi but design wise very distinguishable from Panamera outside and also inside. Interior is actually completely different from the Audi Etron.
  • Mercedes EQC - used GLC platform but diferente outside looks , rear and front. Inteiror more similar to recent MB (full single wide screen, that even the facelift GLC doesn’t have) but with original design elements (Eg vents)
  • Mercedes EQS/EQE - new EV platform , design very diferent from S or E Class.
  • Mercedes EQA - different rear and front as the GLA. Interior is similar to GLA.
  • Jaguar I-pace. Completely different from other Jaguar F pace / E pace.
  • Ford Mustang MachE - new EV completely different from other Fords (inc Mustangs :)

I kind of like the idea to blend in and not to stand out too much (few will distinguish an i4 form a 4 series GC). But some may prefer the design exclusivity that EV’s bring - the electric Audi or the Electric Bmw (i3/ iX).

will we see more of ICE clones ? i5 maybe the next :)

What do you think? Fee free to complement the list!
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Forgot to add
To list 1
- Volvo xc40 recharge. Identical to xc40 ICE.
To list 2
- (Volvo) polestar 2 - Volvo’s design language with new interpretation. New infotainment screen, rear and front with original design elements
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There seems to be a clear trend towards bespoke electrical platforms for EVs. This should ensure that EVs and ICE cars are different. BMW and Volvo are more like outliers with their combined architectures.

But so far no one, not even Tesla, has materialized clear advantages for an electric only platform. Frunks, more interior space and cost savings are nice, but hardly a must have. These are all more or less conventional cars with a different drive train. Who knows what could be possible once we go farther away from the current designs...
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I think there are some inherent limitations to the ICE or combination platforms, such as
  • Hood length
  • Driver seat placement in length-direction and visibility
  • Openness of cabin area
  • Potentially lower center of gravity
  • Rigid batteries adds to strength, perhaps allowing for weaker frame constructions giving more space and saving money
If not careful with these differences, there are some design traps to fall for.
For example, fitting all batteries of a >80kWh car between the two axles on a flat floor gives either A: a very tall car, or B: a very long car. The i40 isn't especially tall, and not especially long either. Using the prop shaft tunnel to store batteries has probably been beneficial to keeping the proportions as well as the balance. COG-wise it will be slightly worse than if it was all flat, but I think the effect is minimal.
A lot of EVs have embraced the flat floor solution, but I personally think the normal BMW design of having it not so open is good, especially when that space comes to use.

I don't know how overview will be in this car, probably okay, but the overview you get in the front in a Tesla Model 3 is really good, it's very easy to maneuver.

I don't know to which degree they have used the battery as a structural element in this car, but it looks like a carbon copy of the 4-series GC, so I would think not much, or at least they haven't changed anything else. This will add to the weight (but make it stiffer, of course).

It doesn't have a frunk, but it looks really structurally rigid there, and I'd rather have that!
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